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  3. Last Night’s Episode

    Hey guys!

      So, I wanted to address last night’s episode even though I don’t normally blog about the show, for a few reasons.

      First of all, I tweeted something last night that was meant to be funny, but I think it was misinterpreted and ended up coming off as hurtful and I see now just how easily it could be when I read it back. I said something along the lines of: Eric feels about Andi the way 24 girls felt about Juan Pablo.

       I want to apologize and clarify that in no way was that meant to insult my friend/castmate, Andi. It was supposed to be a funny jab at how crazy/notorious our season (season 18 of the bachelor) was by comparing numbers… 1 vs 24 (okay, maybe not 24 but quite a few). But reading the tweet back, it didn’t sound good. It could have sounded like I was comparing Eric’s feelings towards Andi to be on the same level as the girls of our season’s feelings towards Juan Pablo and I don’t think that’s the case. Either way, it had the potential to offend or hurt people (including jp or andi), when it was just meant to be funny. My tweets are always meant in good fun, but looking back, this wasn’t the best joke/tweet. 

    Again, I only support Andi on her journey to find love. Obviously, I can’t possibly know anything about the Eric / Andi situation because I wasn’t there, but my take on it was that Eric was probably just frustrated with a lot of the ‘fakeness’ that comes a long with this entire experience. It could not be more unnatural… it’s a TV show, and I related to him.

    But the truth is, everyone sort of has to put on an act at times, especially the lead who is only interested in probably a few people each season, but can’t just send everyone else home night one because then we wouldn’t have a show to watch. So it’s not an act as much as it is a job; it has to be that way. From a viewers perspective, I think Andi has been doing a really great job of really putting herself out there for the guys, and has been a great Bachelorette so far. She seems open and vulnerable and she’s an excellent communicator.

    Again, I wanted to be clear about the situation -  that I defend everyone involved. I understand Eric’s feelings because I’ve been there, but I also understand why Andi was so upset. Whether you think she overreacted or not, no one wants to feel called out.

       That being said, I’ve seen a lot of comments/tweets that were actually intended to be hurtful. I’m very much against hate or unkind words, and again, my tweet was not meant to be among that.

       So, let’s all take a minute to be more careful and more thoughtful about what we’re saying and tweeting, even when it’s with a sense of humor. 

    Lauren :)


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